About Butterflies Wake

Butterflies Wake

An underground female mafia rights the wrongs of an unjust society



An underground society of women has been growing for many years and is starting to surface. They keep a low profile but their actions are strong. They right the wrongs of society, leaving no stone unturned, taking matters into their own hands where the justice system has failed.  Near the edge of America, surrounded by Islands and bodies of water, among marsh, plantations and historical landmarks are a group of determined women who have simply had enough of the equal “privilege”, failed government, and blinded eyes of the justice system.  Camille is a small, delicate women in her early fifties who was first introduced to this secret society by Priscilla, a woman who found her thirty years ago, bleeding to death on the ground outside her very own front door after her husband beat her to an inch of her life.  Thirty years later, Camille is now a handler of her own group of Butterflies, and thirty years later, Charleston is not the only place where they exist. They are hand-picked, educated and trained in a skill most suited to their profile. They don’t work alone and they never get caught. As time passes, the group grows and their intentions and ambitions grow as well. From what started out as a neighborhood watch, has turned into a movement; watch the metamorphosis unfold.

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