The Butterfly Project


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so perhaps its time we start taking pictures that change people’s minds? “The Butterfly Project” is a two-fold idea. One part being that it’s a satire riding on the wings of the novel, “Butterflies Wake,” I have coming out this summer.

The photos will be depicting everyday women of all different shapes, sizes, colors and ages; pictures of a soccer mom, a stay-at-home mom, a career woman, a gardener, a yoga instructor, a piercer, a hairstylist, etc.

But something in the photos will sneak out and grab you…something to show that these women, as warm and loving as they are, will fight back if necessary. They will all be holding something that could be used as a weapon. It shouldn’t be anything obvious such as a knife or a gun; rather something simple like a rolling pin, a pair of knitting needles, a nail file, a sharp stiletto, hair shears, etc.

The message I’m hoping to get across in these photos is simple:

“We are not afraid”

The second message that I’m hoping to get across is:

“You are not alone”

While this project is marketing for my book on a satirical level, it is also a very strong message on a feminist level. I want them to speak to women across the world that they can go from victim to victor; it’s all a matter of perspective and support.

This is your challenge as photographers if you choose to accept it. I want to put together photos from around the country of women like this. Each project will be named after its region. For example, “The Butterflies of Boston,” or “The Butterflies of Charleston” and so on and so forth.

I’ll be accepting photo submissions from now until June 30th. I will pick five winners to be featured on the cover of Book 2, Butterflies Rising. I will also be making a compilation photo book of all acceptable materials to be published. Any money made from the sale of the photo book will be split among the photographers based on number of photos submitted, etc. I have two magazines already interested in this project so you may also have your work featured in magazine print as well.

This book is fiction but the problems are real. Help me create a conversation.


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